Welcome to José de Diego

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  • Our Eagles showed of their Irish sides for St. Patrick's Day. Check out the pictures!
  • Some of our wonderful students starred at the ULBGC Speech Contest. Click here for more information.

José de Diego

José de Diego offers a rigorous academic curriculum with a comprehensive gifted program. De Diego is a former high school (Tuley High), and the facilities are outstanding. Our school has two gyms, a track, a swimming pool, two science labs, two computer labs with iMacs, a writing lab, iPads for every student in grades three through five and laptops for all in grades 6th, 7th, and 8th. De Diego offers a Literature and Writing Magnet Cluster Program specializing in a curriculum with strong technology integration. We offer accelerated instruction in algebra and science through the Specific Aptitude Program to qualifying students.

Autism Awareness Month

April is Autism Awareness Month. Wear blue on Wednesday, April 2nd, and Fridays all through the month of April. Below is a poem from Annivar Salgado called "Light it Up Blue" written to spread the wonderful message of the month.

Light It Up Blue
Light it up blue, it's so easy to do
Doesn't take very long, shows how love can be strong
For the kids who we know, need support as they grow
And for families too, who are counting on you
So come lend us a hand, throughout this wondrous land
We can all play a part, when we give from the heart
Take a moment today, for the 1 in 88
Who each day of their lives, show such courage and pride
And when this day is through, don't just take off the blue
Keep this light glowing bright, and continue the fight
For it won't end today, when the blue lights all fade
It's a journey for life, filled with joy and with strife
But today you can show, with this small little glow
That we're never alone, in this land we call home
It's a light within you, when we Light It Up Blue

Click here for more information from Autism Speaks.

Upcoming Events

  • Katten Legal Clinic Once a month on Wednesdays, from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm we have a free legal clinic in our school, sponsored by Katten Law Firm and the LAF (Legal Assistance Foundation) available to the families of our students. This month, Katten will be here on April 23rd. Please come to the main office for additional information.